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Hello to Everyone,

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope this finds you & your family well! I would like to end 2014 on the note of telling everyone who entered a roping or helped at one of my Ropings THANK YOU for making the Ropings Awesome! This past year, we had the BIGGEST turn out ever! Sometimes averaging about 420 ropers a weekend! It really is great to see when people come support you and it makes it feel like all your hard work has paid off. Yes, it's a lot to put on so many Ropings and have great calves and arena setups etc.! However, when I have people come up to me and shake my hand, send texts or call and tell me thanks for putting on a great roping it makes it all worth while! It especially makes that 40 hour drive I did to Oregon to get a load of calves last fall worth doing again! However I think I will wait for the snow to melt first! Ha! Ha! I also have to give a huge Thanks to my crew, they work hard and are Awesome!

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We are so excited to welcome our newest Sponsors Cinch Jeans & Shirts, FatHead Spices and 4T Transportation to the Ricky Canton Ropings!

Christy Canton to Ricky Canton - " Congrats to My Husband Ricky Canton - he was inducted to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame this past weekend! I'm just so Happy & proud of him! Also Thank You to all of the TRCHOF Committee for a Amazing ceremony and all the members who voted for Ricky! He is Very Honored to be on that "Legendary Wall" with so many Amazing Rodeo Legends "

Coming Events

Winter Roping

Sponsored by
BILL FICK FORD of Huntsville, TX
Cinch Jeans & Shirts ~ 4T Transportation ~
L.A. Water Quater Horses ~ Madison's Avenue-Salon & Boutique ~ Fathead Spices

January 17, 18, 31
February 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & March 1
starts @ 11am ,
Navasota, Texas Fairgrounds
March 7 @ Brenham, Tx
Last Roping of Series & Added $$$ Bonus Round Finals

#000 if faster than 11.00 sec., 1 sec added to time,
#00 if faster than 10.00 sec., 1 sec added to time,
#1 if faster than 9.00 sec., 1 sec added to time

Enter 2x on different horses

Order of Events
#000 Tie-down - 2 for $85

All Girls Bkwy -2 for $65
on Sat. & Sun. CPRA Co-Approved 2 for $85

Open Bkwy -2 for $65

#00 Tie-down -2 for $85

#1 Tie-down -2 for $85

Open Tie-down -2 for $85
Sun. CPRA Co-Approved

We are giving away Cinch Jackets to the Top 10 Ropers in All Ropings  advancing to the Added Money Bonus round after regular Ropings on March 7 @ Brenham, TX
Wild West Buckles to all the Series Champs!

You Must have entered 7 out of 15 Ropings to be eligible for Jackets, Buckles & Added Money Bonus Round & be present for jacket March 7. Every roping except for the Added Money Bonus round counts towards your 7 Ropings.

"RhineStone Mugging" is Back!
Girl Ropes calf tied off & Guy Flanks & Ties!
1 head for $40 on Valentines Day Only
February 14th, 2015
Enter 2 times w/diff people.
Wild West Prizes to the Winning Pair!

Texas Rodeo Cowboy
Hall of Fame

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Ricky Canton Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction Acceptance

Easter Egg Hunters at Ricky Canton Roping

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